Off To Pastures New


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you know what it actually is I revived this blog for: I have a new project that is a side-branch of the four windows to the wind-thingy.

I originally intended the fifth, and last EP of this project to be the Center, after North, East, West and South. While the cardinal directions were meant as explorations into specific areas (acoustic guitar + voice + electronics for north, voice + drones + beats for east and so on), this center was meant to be an exploration of what is closest to home, and therefore it was meant to be sung in my personal dialect of my native tongue.

This new project will be a collaboration with an old friend. The role of this friend is basically to be a filter of quality, and to produce and mix the stuff to a level that I could not even get close to on my own. While I feel confident in writing the lyrics and the music, it really helps going over that with somebody I don’t have to explain it to, and get those fine details right that I wouldn’t care too much about on my own. I usually have to be pragmatic about the time I invest into the single steps of getting a song done (writing, playing, singing, producing, mixing, mastering, release) in order to keep my own deadlines. This gruesome balance between perfectionism and efficiency becomes a lot easier when you team up.

The production side of things is more of a hobby for me, and I have serious blank spots in the most basic matters concerning recording and mixing, and this is a great chance for me to learn a LOT, even if nothing else ever comes out of this project. Right now I rely on fiddling around with presets a lot, while my friend basically opens a plugin, and starts from scratch. Posts on this will follow.

We’ll finish recording and producing the first song these days, hopefully in March. Then the tiny machinery of no-budget-DIY will start to roll again: I will grab my iphone 4s and record some videos outside, cut that together to a neat little video, and put that on youtube (end of April). I will create another bandcamp-site, and an extra homepage (basically a static wordpress-template that I’ll tweak a little) to promote it, and come May the package should be online. We’ll do some more songs over the summer, a first EP in fall, and total world domination when winter comes.

The next posts, as mentioned above, will concern themselves with basic mixing techniques as far as I understand them. Which settings, what kind of plugins, in which order, to what end. Looking forward to that,



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