Back To Square One


Hey everyone,

after several months of being on the road, in the studio, moving house and generally not sleeping very much at all I decided to revive this blog and get back to work on my music.

My whole life, business and private, is changing fast and drastically, and while the private stuff is great, the business part is not. This leads me back, as it did many times before, to one of the most important trains of thought  for any self-employed humanperson:

1. You have to have several things going on that can fall back on each other should one or two of the others not work out temporarily. If you rely on one thing only, that puts a lot of pressure on that one thing. And chances are, one band alone won’t make you filthy rich.
2. You have to focus like crazy in each of these disciplines to make sure that you are getting work done or at least getting better.
3. Just because you are juggling stuff, working yourself tired, and running to and fro 24/7 doesn’t mean you are actually getting things done.
4. Getting things done is essential, as it eventually leads to the stuff that allows you to buy bread in supermarket.

Now the art in all this is to get the word “eventually” out of sentence 4, and create a working environment in which it is a prerequisite that if you work, you earn money. If you don’t (and I didn’t) you will have a steadily improving number of moments per year that make you painfully aware that potential revenue and great prospects are just thin air.

That being said, I will now return to writing and producing my own music, where there is no way on earth that it will make any considerable amounts of money. Apart from reading in the hammock on my balcony while hailstones perforate the earth there is nothing that calms and elevates my mind like recreating the music that the drunken orchestra plays in my head when I’m not looking. And a calm mind is quite something.

All the best to all of you, more to come in the next weeks.


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