Trying to make it as a musician, Part I: Priorities.

Great news for me, bad news for this project…

There is a new project started by friends that requires my immediate attention, meanwhile my main band goes into the seclusion of a three-week-non-stop-studio-session, and two score/soundtrack-thingies are finally getting serious, so I will have to concentrate on these projects for the moment and put null on hold. The somewhat lengthy reasoning behind this is as follows:

As a musician you can’t just play your one instrument of choice decently and hope that you will make it that way. If you are fool enough to want to make a living off of it, there is no limit to the fields you should excel in: besides being in full control of a never-diverse-enough range of instruments, and fluent in all the styles ever performed on these and other devices, it never hurts to be able to write your own music, record your own music, and sell your own music. Diversify!

If you limit yourself to just playing just one instrument in just one band you will have to be ridiculously successful (talking about several years in a row in the top regions of the charts) to be able to make a decent living. While that is possible, it is not probable, no matter how hard you work. Even playing in several bands won’t solve the problem as your regular band usually plays Thursday-Saturday. There is a pretty low single-digit limit to the professional bands you can play in at the same time, because they all play on weekends, and availability is a hard currency in the music business.  And if you manage to have several successful bands at once, you will have to face a permanent life on the road, and not everyone is made for that. Social life, family and some quiet time alone really rock, you know…

So besides making it big in gardening, or renting several openings of your body to well-meaning gentlemen, I think the best way to have your music work for you without you actually performing it all the time is to write. Be that for other bands, movies, computer games, ads, whatever. The pressure of trying to make it with my main band nearly took the fun out of it for a while, and gaining a little independence by dividing that pressure up into several projects makes everything a little more fun right now.  It took me forever to get a chance to do this, and now that I finally have it I will have to give it my all in order to make it work. I don’t know if any of the new projects will pay in cash, but they will at least be a stepping stone into the direction I want to go.

I might still find the time to finish the second EP this year. Not a single minute I put into this project was wasted. My sentences are getting shorter. Until they cannot. Which is now. Or now. Or.

Love, Looking-Forwardness,



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