Publishing Yourself on the Internet, Part III. More Tanks!

I just found a piece of pure truth over at the oatmeal, where Mr. Oatmeal states that if you want more ‘likes’, or more ‘attention’ you have to produce stuff that is interesting or at least useful.

So instead of jabbering on about how I wasted three hours on the sound of the kick of a song I made a little video, the first one in quite a long time.  This is nerd-stuff for bassplayers and guitarists, but it is part of me and henceforth part of this whole project. As I mentioned in earlier posts I have no clue how to make this whole endeavour work, but I try to stick to some rules:

1. keep it interesting.
I try not to post when I have nothing to say. If you are in love with anything it is easy to produce content that might interest someone out there. Bassplayers in this case.

2. connect it.
I try to use my youtube-channel and my facebookpage to attract some attention over here and vice versa. That way the my music can benefit from my job (which is teaching, among other things). Horay!

3. don’t push it.
As can be seen quite beautifully in that oatmeal-post up there, trolling around with your music/blog/website/shop/religion doesn’t get you anywhere. i try to make it interesting enough so people might want to read it, because this lack of aggression feels natural to me. I rarely ever click somewhere because a post tells me to, again and again.

That’s it for today, bed is calling, long road-trip tomorrow. 40 hours on the road for a show  that lasts 90 minutes. rock AND roll.

As always,



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