Books, music, and a general decline in health

I have been back home for a week now, and finally my health allows me to go back to work. That was a lost week there, spent in a horizontal position watching Big Bang Theory while tasks, quests and work piled up around me…  I am not given to bouts of hypochondria, but the internet had me frightened there for a second.

The trip around (among other things) California took me from the Yosemite National Park straight to San Francisco, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. Except for Vienna I have never felt more at home  the instant my feet touched the pavement than in Frisco. One of the many gems of this city is the City Lights Book Store, the logistic center of the Beat movement, where I reignited my love for that sort of rambling spiritual travel poetry the likes of Kerouac, Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti produced. I left the city reading an anthology of their poems, all the way down the foggy west coast on highway 1, and experienced some of the most peaceful moments of calm and clarity of my whole life, sitting on the wet rocks staring into the vast grey everchanging and yet constant sea. I carry quite some inspiration back home from that, but it is not easy to stay inspired now that work and the everyday has me back in its claws, but I try my best. I read a lot of Stephen Fry these last weeks and I am pretty sure that he is the single most intelligent being wandering this planet, but more on that later.

In the middle of last night I had to get up to listen to the songs I intend to release on the next ep, in order to see how much work it would be to finish them, and now I have chosen 6 to work on, 5 of which I intend to release on the first of November. Tonight I will go back to the first EP and see if there are any obvious mistakes in the mix that I have to redo, and after that I will go on trying to figure out a way how to make this blog and my music a little bit more public.

I’ll be around a lot more the next weeks keeping you posted on the developments.

If you have been, stay around,


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