On the road


My road trip is almost over, and I leave this road filled to the brim with inspiration. Next time I will bring some recording gear, because I rarely ever felt as filled to bursting as I do now…

The forests, the oceans, the deserts over here in the us are resonating with what I carry around with me (on the inside) and I had some of the purest moments of calm and peace of my whole life in the last two weeks.

I’ll mention three:

On this trip I rarely had the opportunity to hear, let alone make music. That sharpens the emotional ears and makes music so much more vibrant, when you are starved for it… so after I took a long bath in a cold huge mountain salt lake, watching the sun set over the mountains, I drove our van across the desert listening to motorpsycho’s vortex surfer on full volume. I sang along, I screamed, I banged my head around like a slayer-fan on speed, I wanted to explode into the song, to burn up in its intensity. One of the most intense musical experiences of my life.

Another moment is one of simple, pure love. My love and I jumped into the ocean in malibu beach today, and had some moments of pure childish bliss hopping through the waves at sunset… felt like strolling through a postcard, or a perfume commercial. It is a hollywood kitsch cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less perfect.

And finally: I went to the city lights book store in frisco, and bought me some beat poetry. I was into those guys (Kerouac, Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti, Corso…) ten years ago, and devoured their stuff, and riding down the highway 1 along a foggy ragged coast with no signs of civilization I read some Kerouac and some Ginsberg for the first time since the beginning of my first university courses and felt the most intense deep peace arise from my depths when we entered the area around big sur, a place that looks like lothlorien on a stormy coast. I felt twenty years less weight on my shoulders and fourty years more serenity on them for an instant. Maybe my biggest moment this year.

I cannot wait to put all this into music. This trip alone will give me ten songs…

love from Los Angeles,


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