I give up.

There is a final song I would have loved to release with this EP, but I just cannot get it anywhere. So I give up, leave it at 5 songs per release for the sake of quality, and will go into my well-earned holiday in the US, looking forward to that A LOT.

When I come home I will immediately start work on the second EP, which will most probably not include the above-mentioned song, because ‘west’ will be very electronic. While the goal for north was to place voice and acoustic guitar into the centre of attention and go easy on the digital stuff, east will be quite free of any wooden instruments and therefor the song (‘awake’ is the name) will be moved to the east. That will be a rather colder and slightly darker and heavier collection than north.

but first things first, and the first thing for me is to go to bed.

Adieu, see you on the other side,



One thought on “Off.

  1. congratulations man on your incredible journey. You’ve learned so much already and you’re only getting better. If anything I know it wasn’t easy for you but I think your growth can be measured dinosaur footprints.

    now enjoy that big open space out there and don’t forget to bring along the Tom Keith CD, I mean if you want, but I think you do!


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