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I give up.

There is a final song I would have loved to release with this EP, but I just cannot get it anywhere. So I give up, leave it at 5 songs per release for the sake of quality, and will go into my well-earned holiday in the US, looking forward to that A LOT.

When I come home I will immediately start work on the second EP, which will most probably not include the above-mentioned song, because ‘west’ will be very electronic. While the goal for north was to place voice and acoustic guitar into the centre of attention and go easy on the digital stuff, east will be quite free of any wooden instruments and therefor the song (‘awake’ is the name) will be moved to the east. That will be a rather colder and slightly darker and heavier collection than north.

but first things first, and the first thing for me is to go to bed.

Adieu, see you on the other side,



Here it is.

It is done.

Ladies and gents, the central song of this EP. I wanted this to be an acoustic prog pop record, and while the one remaining song is rather prog, this one is definitely in the pop corner. I wrote it last week, in an attempt at utilitaristic songwriting: I put some thought into the general direction this project and its respective EPs should go, and then I sat down and wrote a song that I wanted to fit in after Beg Your Pardon and before Four Windows, and it worked. I never did this before, except with Sleep, Lotus, which I wrote as the final song… Elbow did that with Seldom Seen Kid, which is maybe the best record I know.

Here it is:


I will go for a walk in the sunset now and then straight to bed. Or maybe I’ll be stupid enough to fix the final song so my soul can finally have some rest. We’ll see.



Almost There!


While two of the remaining songs give me headaches because one of them just would not be finished, no matter how often I redo it, the rest is pretty much done. I will revise those I already uploaded over the next two days, but hopefully there will only be minor details to fix. I already had to work on a moment of clarity, where towards the end an overly zealous de-esser triggered by one track castrated another that was in the same group, but it’s already fixed and uploaded again.

My patience with the other two tracks is wearing out, but one of them will be done by tomorrow night, maybe even tonight. If the other doesn’t work itself out by friday I will have to leave it out for now and hope to return to it when I’m back in two weeks, before I go to America on a well-earned vacation.

Beg your Pardon is my version of a happy song. Four Windows to the Wind is rather the opposite, and one of the few where I had the lyrics done before I started the music. I couldn’t sleep one night, got up, wrote that thing down and lay back in bed, gently drifting away on that image of a mattress floating out into the ocean. Sleep, Lotus was one of the two songs that I wrote ten days ago. Really proud of that last one, I am.

I had my first bands in the late nineties, and I am still used to the fact that music you record takes about two months minimum to reach anyone, because you have to send it to the pressing plant first, and pay a ridiculous amount of money for cds that nobody will ever buy. It is absolutely sick to sing something and publish it online for everyone to hear just one hour later and I absolutely enjoy that ease of communication the internet offers.

I have to go workout like crazy now, because these last two songs are killing me, and, frankly, I am a little sick of this tour de force. Thank god I didn’t do an album… But the next two EPs are already forming. Music for them is maybe 70 % done. Horay! On the other hand, two weeks ago I was sure THIS EP was done, too.

Thanks for your kind comments so far, let me know if there is anything wrong with any of the songs,



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Here we go!



I am almost done. The first song is ready to go, the other ones are close enough, so I can finally start releasing them. This will occupy me for another couple of days. I have to update Bandcamp, sing two words and one chorus, mix two songs, and figure out how to publish this exactly. I am wondering if it is better to release this for free so that everybody can have it, or if it is better charge for it, so as not to devalue it. Any opinions on this are very welcome. If a band gives something away for free on their website, I somehow don’t take it seriously, as a real release, but rather a give-away…

I spent all my energy on the music (actually I am still mixing and recording while I write this) so that the business side will have to wait a little, and until I have figured that out I will just leave it up to you.

Without further ado:

A Moment of Clarity.

This is the song that actually got it all rolling. I had a lot of semi-finished songs and no idea what to do with them, and when this one was done I knew that I wanted it to be the opener for the first EP, and then I got to work. I hope you’ll like it.