Publishing yourself on the Internet: Part 1


The ocean is both mind-boggingly vast and seemingly empty in its sheer massive size. I can stare into it for hours and never get tired of this roaring perpetuum mobile, everchanging and yet the same.

The same holds true for the world wide web. While it is quite a fascinating whirl of information to get lost in it is very hard to a) see all of it at the same time and b) make yourself heard over the roaring noise it produces.

I myself produce my very own noises right now and as that process nears completion my mind wanders off to another question: how the hell do I make myself heard? It seems that nobody really has a clue how to manufacture viral although there are folks that charge you ridiculous amounts of money for that promise. My budget (zero) doesn’t allow for that sort of highway-robbery anyway.

Well. I can make use of this blog, facebook, youtube, my contacts, to contact the people, the bands and the labels I know in the hope that it helps. Two problems here: I myself can’t stand those “hear my new song” spammers that bombard you with the same (!) song for months on end. The other problem is that I suck as hard at the business side of music as I enjoy its creative side.

That tells me one thing: if I want to succeed in promoting this I will have to be creative about it. Kickstarter won’t make sense yet, but I’ll go there for the other EPs. Maybe anonymous want to hack google and put my link on their startpage, that would make me a rich man in seconds, but as that won’t happen I’ll have to find something else.

All I have to offer is content. Music and my thoughts on it, some fotos, videos, blogs, all of which I can easily but time-consumingly manufacture at home without a budget.

I am open to every idea, and will let you know any good one that I have in the following days.I have a gig in Switzerland to play now, gotta go,



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