Reaper Tips and Tricks: Recording Acoustic Guitars


I just finished recording the fifth and final song of the EP and I finally found my perfect formula for recording them acoustic guitars.

I put one Rode NT5 (pencil style condenser) over my right shoulder, and the NT-1a (large diaphragm condenser) in front of the guitar, as can be seen on the picture above. I have tried every combination of mics and placements, near and far, stereo, mono, dynamic, condenser, you name it, and they never sounded like I heard my guitar. I figured that might be because I hear my guitar from above and not from the front, so I hoped putting a mike close to my ears might solve the problem, and tadaaa, it did. This is not my invention of course, but I recommend trying that to anyone who needs a single acoustic guitar to really stand out in a song.

I had rehearsed that piece for a day and wanted to do it in one take only, to keep it fresh, but when I was done I heard that I have a lot of click on my shoulder mic. That click bleed is a common problem when you record silent passages of a piece, and thank god I read something about that a week ago. My shoulder mic is very close to my right ear (that was the whole point) and my headphones are a lot closer to the mic than the guitar, so I used my in-ear headphones instead, and had no bleed whatsoever.

Some few additional vocals and a little more mixing and the record is done. I never thought I’d see that day… 7 days to go.



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One thought on “Reaper Tips and Tricks: Recording Acoustic Guitars

  1. Shepherd says:

    wow, very informative, am gonna use this technique to record

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