Shut up, Sisyphus.


It is said that there are no detours.

While I have to say that I think that might be pseudo-esoteric bullcrap, this saying could be suitably applied to my last two days. Monday was spent recording four hours worth of vocals, none of which I can actually use. But in the process I rewrote the melodies and the lyrics to a point where I could redo all of them in less than an hour yesterday evening. I usually just sing my version of blablabla before I write lyrics, and it is always a very strenous but uplifting process to finally make a song say something lyrically.

Right now I get up, record some stuff before work, get home and record until my lovely wife goes to bed and then I mix until I go to bed. I hardly do any sports right now, which is what usually keeps me sane, but recording this is more important than sanity right now. I am starting to feel a little weird in the whole process but if I manage to keep this up I will be done by the end of next week.

Yesterday night, 5 minutes before our little “watching a series in bed until my girl falls asleep”-routine, I played something on my guitar for a moment. That moment was pretty sweet, I recorded it quickly and proceeded with above-mentioned routine. I do not want to write anything right now, because finishing what I already have takes up so much time. Especially the concluding song of the first EP is troubling me, as I don’t really know how to make the verse work with the chorus… While this train of thought went on, the little guitary idea I had just finished itself in the background. Sometimes my brain does that. This morning I decided to go with the new song, instead of spending a day to finish the old one I will just record this one, because it says what I want to say right now. The setting is pretty intimate, and rather low-fi, so I don’t have to go somewhere else to record the guitar for it.

Just 10 minutes ago I realized that I have a built-in microphone in my office laptop. As things are pretty quiet right now, I quickly programmed the guitar of that song on a midipiano in REAPER and finished the structure of the song, and now I will do the lyrics and some finishing touches on the melody. I sure look like quite the idiot, bent over the laptop in a rather unergonomic position to be as close to the mic as I can. Funs!

By tomorrow night I might have my record finished in terms of arrangement, composition and lyrics. Some more recording and production and then its up to you to tell me if this was worth my time.



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