A marathon in a circle.


I’m going slightly mad.

Yesterday I recorded vocals for ten hours straight, took a well-deserved break, and listened back to the stuff I did. I might not be able to use any of it. This whole project is at a point where I could really do with an outside opinion, or somebody standing beside me giving feedback on the stuff I do in front of the mic. Right now I do 6-8 takes of every track in my bedroom, and then I take that over to the music room where I transfer it to the desktop and listen through all of it, throwing away a lot in the process. I think I will try and do just one good track in my recording room, and work only with that one track. Might save me a lot of time.

I dissected 4 of the 5 songs I have on this EP, rewrote a lot of the lyrics and quite some of the music then I put them back together again keeping but few of the changes, hoping hard that this process makes the songs better. Sometimes I wonder if all that energy I waste right now will make a difference to anyone out there. I have about 30 tracks of vocals for the two songs I work on right now, and I’m afraid I will have to redo all of them. The lyrics, the melodies and the song structures work now, but the performance suffers. At least now I know exactly what I want and how I want it, so the rerecording should be a lot faster.

I just realized that I broke one of the most important rules: I have to seperate writing from recording. All I did yesterday was creative work, and not performing a song.  If only I had more time. Every free minute of every day goes into this, and right now it is geting a little frustrating because I don’t see enough progress and still so much to do… I’d love to be done recording by friday morning, as I will be on the road all weekend again.

And now back to my office job and finishing income tax for last year on the side.

Excuse the whining, everything will be fine by thursday, I know it.



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