Happiness writes white…


… at least Rushdie once said so in what is maybe his best, but definitely his most densely poetic novel: fury. Buy it, read it. Will make you smarter just by intellectual osmosis. True story.

Today this line couldn’t be further from the truth. I already had a stressfull but after all quite rewarding day, but the last 40 minutes make me more than just a little happy. I had all the music of all songs figured out, because that is always easy. The hard work is usually the vocal lines and the lyrics. All in all I had all the verses of two songs and the choruses of two other songs under suspicion of actually not working that well. I knew I had to tackle that one day. I already tried that many times with some of them, as 3 of them have been under construction for more than a year now, and never managed to solve the problem.

I just sat down in my kitchen (yep, the one that sounds crappy) with my guitar and watched the dying celestial embers of this gorgeous sunset we had, and hoped that maybe I can find a solution for the verse of that one song. 40 minutes later I have 2 new choruses, 1,5 new verses and very little left to do but recording what feels like really strong songs right now.

As a songwriter sometimes you have all you want to say on the tip of your tongue, but it just wouldn’t come. And sometimes, but rarely, everything becomes obvious, clear as water, and as easy as a 4-piece puzzle to solve. Tonight I had some of the latter, and I still don’t know what hit me.

Looking forward like a child looks forward to its birthday to getting up early tomorrow. I’ll sing until my voice gives out.



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