I am lost.

I took everything apart and put it back together, and now I have to re-record one song, add another that is done, and write a third that will the center piece of the first EP. That means I’ll have to do another acoustic guitar session, and a lot of writing and arranging. I hope this will make sense in a month.

The upside is that during my rearranging the first EP I had to figure out some things (like what do I want to say and how do I say it), and so the directions and songs for the second and the third EP are already selected, which will make everything a lot easier this fall.

I sincerely hope that there is a point to what I do right now. If I hesitate too long, just because I want it to be perfect, I will never get this thing out. Well, at least I cannot say I am bored right now. And that new song I just started is going somewhere I have never been before.

Wish me luck.


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