My Feet Are Smiling


I had a long and very illuminating talk with the love of my life yesterday, and as usual I left that discussion with a lot of great ideas where to go and no idea where to start.

I started a new version of the final song, and I have no idea if it is better, or necessary to change it. The changes I made require a re-recording of the guitars on that track, and the fact that I decided on leaving out the song that was pure electronics might lead to even more recordings for whatever song replaces it. I will use the next two days to decide on which additional song to pick, and on the version of the final song.

If I have several different versions of a song that work emotionally I might consider releasing them, as long as they work in the context of the respective EP. So maybe I will release a song twice. Or maybe I don’t. Right now I want to do it right, but I don’t want to to slow down the process now that it finally started. What I do know is that I will take down my demos over at bandcamp, cause I will rework one or two of those songs in the months to come, so if you want to listen to them use your last chance. They will go back online in one form or another, but right now I feel the need to clear things up a little, find out what is a demo that needs work and what is already done.

Back to work,




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