The Left Hand Path


I did it again. I just threw half the songs over board, an now I am in the middle of re-arranging one of them from scratch and writing a new one.

If I took those songs as they are, they would not make any sense together. So I had to reorganize all of this, and came up with two leitmotifs: one of them is my voice, the other is my acoustic guitar. These two will have to tie the songs together and help create sonic coherence. I have around 25 songs to pick from, and I have tried to come up with a solution for arranging them for more than a year now, and this one feels the best.

The serious part of what I am doing here is that I have the full responsibility for how I present my material, the fun part is that I can actually do whatever I want. So instead of trying to create 5 EPs that will each contain different styles of music, I could give every single EP a different timbre, like Thrice or Dear Hunter did with their elements and colours. That was actually my first approach to this when I the concept of null forced itself upon me three years ago. The first one is getting clearer now, I’ll worry about the others at a later point. Somewhere down the road I might try to write an EP from first to last in the order that the songs will be on the release, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Back to rearranging the final song,



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