Choices, choices.


Hey everyone,

the gituars are done, and I am quite surprised at how much better the songs work. In between I wondered if there is a point in rerecording all my demos, because better sound quality doesn’t make better songs. But a better guitar performance that captures the energy I want the song to have clarifies the emotional narrative of a song, and that’s what it’s all about.

Now I am collecting lyrics and finishing the vocal arrangements I will record over the next weeks, and that forces me to make some choices.

Right now Id just love to record all possible variations and publish them and let the audience pick their versions (slow&depressing industrial or uptempo-hillbillyblues?) but I don’t think that will work… who knows, maybe that is the idea of the century that saves the music business, but somehow I feel I have to make those choices and pick what works best.

A song is never finished. Somehow there is always something you could dissect and rearrange but there is no guarantee that version 19 is any better than version 1. Writing music is easy, learning when to stop is not.

First vocal takes on monday, joy an happiness to all,


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