First Session Done

Friends don’t suck. In fact, they make me not want to puke on a regular basis.

My new interface didn’t arrive in time for my first recording session, so I had to borrow a friend’s macbook (hey des!) in order to use another friend’s mac-only apogee duet (hey felix!) for yet another friend’s microphones (hey flo!) that were recorded through a preamp that is not mine (hey dude!), and it all went well. The guitars are done, as is the acoustic bass.

The breaks from recording were used to contemplate the universe as such, and recording in general with the other guys that work in that studio, and that was quite insightful and entertaining. I can really identify with their approach to recording, as there is no room for dogma. When I asked one of them for help with positioning the microphones he just told me to listen hard.  If it sounds good, go for it. That is what I do all day for this whole DIY-recording-thing: If I listen hard enough, and trust my underdeveloped instincts, I can make up for a lot of my lack of experience and knowledge. Horay!

Good equipment makes that a lot easier. But I had another revelation today. I was sitting there recording my guitars and wondering whether these new recordings will be better or worse than my demos. The performance and the sound quality will be a lot better, sure, but will anyone hear that difference? Will the new recording have more or less emotional impact? It is great to have a signal chain that you can rely on to sound good, but what if the product just sounds good? Who cares about good sound? I have to work hard at not losing myself in technicalities and frequencies and resolutions. The emotional content translates perfectly even if you record with your iphone as the performance is what counts, not the signal chain it goes through. I can borrow all the gear in the world and still miss out on that, so I’d better focus.

This has been a long day, and I am dead tired right now, so I will just leave it at that and go on modding my sct800-mic tomorrow, and do my first vocal soundchecks and start returning all the borrowed stuff to my friends, who don’t suck at all.

All the best, love,



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