All Set Go


Yesterday I finalized my signal chain for the recordings I will do tomorrow, in a sonically ‘dead’ room in a friend’s studio, to keep the unbeloved room reverb out of the mics. I might go for a XY-stereo-recording, as I am not sure if I really understood fake stereo and what that implies mic-placement-wise

The chain:

Furch/Stonebridge guitar G23SM -> Rode/Neumann mics -> Universal Audio LA 610 Preamp -> RME Babyface AD conversion -> Reaper mix + fake ‘master’ -> Genelec 8020 monitors

I tried to stay true to Jeremy Larsen’s post concering the signal chain. As up until yesterday I only had the AD-converters of my Cakewalk UA-25 I knew I had to upgrade those, but a mac is just not affordable yet, so the converter-gurus of apogee are not an option. I ordered the RME babyface yesterday as I can work cross-platform with that one, so I can still mix it on my big computer (Win 7). This is what I consider the minimum setup for doing this, all in all the chain costs around 5000, but neither the preamps nor the mics are mine. Friends really rock.

Now I just have to finish modding one of my own microphones (found this on gearslutz: replacing the tube on my SCT800 + adjusting the grille, I feel like MacGyver…) and then I can go off into the studio and record the shit ouf it. As was to be expected, the technicalities of my signal chain, work (gigs and office job) and real life in general (income tax!) left no space at all for finishing the actual MUSIC I want to record, but I think I will just fill the holes on the spot.

22 hours to go until I start my soundcheck. Horay!



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