The Internet Is Your Friend, Part I


As I mentioned in earlier posts, the internet does not kill people, people do. The web is a weapon, depending on which side you are, and I want to share some of its funkier aspects today.

I have no idea how people solved problems before the internet was up, but nowadays I just google my problem and hope that something shows up. Doing that has returned some great results, and I’d love to share some with you.

1. Jeremy Larson

This dude is a self-taught engineer/producer who is also a great musician writing about his approach to recording in a highly enlightening manner over at his blog at his website. One of the most interesting posts is the one below, where he talks about the pecking order of the signal chain you use recording your own stuff. I always thought a decent microphone is enough, but experience tells me that there is more to it, and this post gives a brilliant step-by-step instruction how to pimp your signal chain as a self-recording artist:

2. Sonic Idiot

Fellow wordpress bloggers at sonic idiot have something along the same lines, and some great articles on converters:

3. Gearslutz

And finally, the one forum where all the geeks meet, gearslutz. Like any forum, you have wiseasses and trolls, but also some very interesting lengthy stuff on all kinds of gear, recording techniques and so forth. The link below leads to some interviews with seasoned engineers shedding some light on age-old questions, and a Q&A-session with the designer of reaper, my DAW of choice!

Always happy to learn new stuff, so if you have some great links, just put them in a comment.



EDIT: This is not as technical, but still very important: fellow blogger thetrichordist shares great insights into how the internet changes our business, and what we can do about it. must read!

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