Manners Maketh Man


Things are on the sunny side.

I just fixed next thursday for my recording session in my friend’s studio. I gave up on recording this at home, although I will stick to my plan of engineering and recording it myself. My first recordings sound okay, but they won’t make people tear their faces off in ecstasy, and this time I want to do it right. I just don’t want to ‘fix it in the mix’, but record everything the way it should actually sound, notwithstanding the fact that all I go on right now is the naïve hope that good mics, a good room and great preamps are enough.

Once that is done, I only have to do record some more bass and the vocals. And the vocals will be the most interesting part of this whole undertaking.

I never liked my voice. That is quite a drawback if you like singing as much as I do. I never liked the way I sound, because I just wasn’t equipped with a beautiful standard singing voice and my voice changes a lot depending on the register I sing in. I always saw that as a problem.

Yesterday a friend told me I remind him of Sting when I sing.

Once I was done laughing I actually understood what he meant. Sting also doesn’t have a standard voice, and he does some things that don’t sound all that sweet but that is not the point. That is what makes his voice so special, and the same is true for mine. Not that I am comparing myself to this man, of course, whose autobiography is an absolute must read. Poetic, wise, funny.

But that is a different story, and for now I will have to finalize the guitar arrangements in my head, so I can do it all in one day. I really enjoy this whole thing 🙂




One thought on “Manners Maketh Man

  1. Looking so forward to hearing the results. I’m really curious to watch this new chapter unfold.

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