Up The Mountain, Or The Universe Don’t Give a Flying Fuck


I have a terrible theory.

The Laws of Physics know where I live. I realized that yesterday when a most mysterious thing known as a comb filter entered my improvised studio and fucked up most of what I recorded. He was joined by another villain named Crappy Room, who dropped by and ruined the rest of the recordings.

There is no no end to what I don’t know, and this is my most recent discovery: the universe doesn’t care too much if you paid attention in your physics class, because it just applies those laws relentlessly, even in the most artsy fartsy of circumstances: I mispositioned (does that word even exist?) my microphones so that what one recorded interferes with what the other does in a bad way. When those two signals play at the same time I apparently have a comb filter, which makes both microphones sound crappy. But that could be fixed by meticulously repositioning the tracks. The real problem is Crappy Room.

My kitchen sounds like shit. This crappy mini-reverb that is on everything I record will get louder and louder the more I compress and saturate my material, and so I have to go somewhere else to record this. Unfortunately my appartment is crammed and there is hardly any other space where I could go, except for the sleeping room… that would totally eliminate the possibility of me recording late at night, as my wife is tolerant but not deaf, but I’ll have to try that one… In there, almost all surfaces are made from wood, and those reflections sound a LOT better than my refrigerator. If that doesn’t work out I might have to accept the offer of a good friend to use one of the rooms of his studio for this (thanks flo!) which I’d love to try anyway… we’ll see.

So I think I will throw away another set of guitar tracks and do it all again, I just wonder when I can do that, time is in short supply… maybe tomorrow I can fit it in.

Who would have thought that in order to release my solo record I would have to read up on what happens when two all too similar waves collide… the Mountains and Valleys my music consists of when translated into the real world are picky, but at least by the time I have figured out the engineering aspects of this I will have recorded every guitar a thousand times, so in the end it is for the best of this record. Horaaay!

Much Love,


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