Writing songs ain’t easy, recording them is fun, and yet…


I just finished soundcheck with the additional gear I just received (universal audio la-610 + several rode mics) and I am thrilled. This is starting to sound like something I’d proudly hold in the face of anyone I meet. Still not sure about my guitar, though. It sounds great on its own, but somehow it just doesn’t blend in too well in the mix… maybe will try my flatmate’s (hey des!) brilliant guitar tomorrow, basically the best I ever heard, and see if that makes a difference, or if it is my deficiencies at mixing that instrument right…I also found out that I have to move my gear to the kitchen and record all this on my laptop, and back into my music office for the mixes, because the ventilation of my desktop-workstation is too loud. Thank god I realized that now and not during the mix…

I am thrilled, but also nervous. This is the first time ever that I record something definite with the intention of actively promoting the outcome. My first release, sleep is wrong, was done just for the fun of it, and because it had to be done. At that time I just didn’t have the balls, time and energy to push that band. Now I have more enough of all three, except maybe for time, but that is never enough.

Wish me luck!



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