Four Windows to the Wind

I got up extra early today with a simple task:

Listening to everything I wrote in the last years, picking songs, trying out names and combinations of songs for the first ep of four. I have selected a strong set of nine songs and I will spend the rest of the weekend eliminating it down to five. The whole set of EPs will go under the name of “Four Windows to the Wind”, each EP being one of the windows. That is a reminiscence of a song by Tom Waits (Three Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen). The original phrase actually means to be drunk as a skunk, but I always loved the idea of a small room on top of a building with four open windows in all cardinal directions, exposed to all kinds of weather but at the same time open to everything and yet a little detached. One day I have to find someone who can draw that, as I am no use with a pencil…

I am still not totally sure about the general approach to this, but I think I will do this in Devin-Townsend-Style. He has been one of my biggest inspirations ever since I bought Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing back in 1995, and he usually writes, records and produces his stuff on his own. That is a huge task, but I think there is no way around it. I know EXACTLY what I want, and if learning how to produce it is the only obstacle, I’ll just have to learn that. It is hard for me to keep writing and producing a song apart, as all I do is listen to the holes in the music and filling them with what I think appropriate. That is always a harmony or a melody or a beat, but not just the abstract thing, but also the sound.

I could go on about writing/producing forever, and I think I will go into detail on that in future posts, but for now I have to go rehearse with my main band (not my solo project, though).



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