Elbows and ankles

Concerning the lead singer as such

by Null on Wednesday, 7 December 2011 at 00:45 ·

I saw Elbow two weeks ago.


Their concert left me in tears. And that rarely happens nowadays, where most concerts I go to suffer from the professional perspective I have on them. I guess 100 gigs per year just do that to you. As for Elbow, the show was a lesson in bashing their audience’s emotional brain in. And as always, the lead singer did that job.


The one thing I find most interesting, intriguing and frustrating about this whole business of releasing my music is the step that comes after that: performing this music live, with me cast as just that lead singer. I have been singing all my life, and I always enjoyed it, but I never thought of myself as a party animal. The rock’n’roll type, going out, losing it on stage, teasing the crowd with the standard formula of a little arrogance and aloofness mixed with the habitus of a Ibiza party animateur.


If you ask me, turn out the lights. Once I get this thing on the road I will try my best and play at least some of the shows in complete darkness. Let the audience (and me) concentrate on the music, the songs, the atmosphere I try to create in that room, and just enjoy that without all the rockstar-mumbo-jumbo.


Somehow Elbow’s Guy Garvey did that with the lights on.

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