A Moment of Clarity

I wrote a song the other day.

I had to wait for three weeks until I found a free spot in my schedule to record it, but I did that yesterday, and now I’m wondering what do with it.

I can either take this as it is, go through my hard disk and find me another 4 songs that seem done, and rerecord them in my place and publish that via bandcamp. The other, more complicated way would be to take this to the studio of a friend of mine who REALLY knows his way around production, and ask him to help me record it, produce it and then release it on bandcamp.

The problem is time… There is just not enough. At the moment I am in my office in the University and help people get access to the intranet while I feel I should be back home writing and recording… at least I stole these ten minutes to make this post. In your face, boss!

I don’t know if anyone is actually reading this yet (apart from my 3 subscribers, horay!) but if you have an opinion on this, let me know! if it was your most favourite band, would you rather hear something a little rough or would you wait until it is completely finished? Would hearing demos first (not ten years later on a collection of b-sides) destroy your experience of a song? Questions, questions…



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6 thoughts on “A Moment of Clarity

  1. übernoise says:

    meine Meinung: Stell die Frage anders 😉
    Willst du dir jetzt erstmal einfach mal Gehör verschaffen, den Leuten zeigen in welche Richtung das Ganze gehen soll? Dann los, einfach machen und hau raus, Bandcamp und am besten noch direkt hier einbinden über ein Soundcloud Widget oder so – ich bin auf jeden Fall sehr interessiert!
    Willst du damit aber potentiell Gigs an Land ziehen, evtl sogar was auf CD brennen um die Musik dann da noch unter die Leute zu bringen, am Ende sogar was verkaufen? Dann ist das Studio wohl die richtige Wahl, da wirst du dann auch um die Investition von (relativ viel) Zeit und Geld nicht drumrumkommen.
    Je nachdem an welchem Punkt du dich gerade siehst, bzw was sich gerade für dich besser anfühlt 🙂 Aber natürlich nur meine Sicht der Dinge..

  2. nulltheblog says:

    Thanks, dude. I don’t think that it is possible to generate an audience from where I am right now if I ask for too much money, or even any money at all. Maybe my payment for the first year is the attention I get, and maybe this is total bullshit. The fun part of how the internet put the music business upside down is that, as of yet, there are no rules anymore. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

  3. dagadadudd says:

    I’d wait untill it is fine and finished. Patience is a virtue… xDg

  4. I’d must verify with you here. Which isn’t one thing I usually do! I take pleasure in studying a submit that can make folks think. Also, thanks for allowing me to remark!

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