…and here I am, still beginning.

Heyho folks,

What a ride… Damn it. I wanted to make this blog a much more regular thing in which I document my attempts at getting my first solo album recorded and released, but I had to take a break because the rent relentlessly demands to be paid. 24 hours per day is just not enough for everything that has to be done, and that doesn’t even include the things that should be done…

I took some detours in the last months, because I thought I had to bring my vocal abilities up to standard before I start recording this. And my recording abilitites, arrangement, bass, guitar, everything… somewhere in between I found out that the one guy I wanted to do this whole thing with is actually not interested in doing it anymore. The fact that he has not contributed anything yet despite my constant pleas just tells me that if I want to do this, I have to do it alone. That was quite a setback, but now I am up and running again.

Just yesterday I finished another song, and now I think I have enough to start picking the best for the first ep. The songs aren’t perfect yet, neither is my voice or my gear, but nothing will ever be perfect, so I better just start it. Maybe what I release is just a demo that will help me record it better. Maybe it is good enough as it is. Time will tell, but there is only one way to find out.

The funny thing about this blog is that I know that right now nobody even knows that it exists, and consequently my readership is rather theoretical at the moment. But the Shah of Blah cannot, will not be stopped by such worldly problems.

Back to my office job now, and then back to the music. Horay!



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