The first steps…

…have been made quite some time ago.

I have more than enough music. Back home in my music room resides a hard disk filled with ideas, unfinished and finished music that would fill 3-5 cds (remember those?) and I have a head full of ideas for more. I could go on and write another 50 little sketches in the usual manner. That usually takes me 4-7 hours from the first idea, and after that I have 3-5 minutes of music more or less finished structure-wise, harmonically and melodically. The lyrics are hardly ever finished at that point, and only one major question remains:

Is the song any good? Is it necessary? Is there a reason this should be put out there to sound along to a million and one other songs?

I cannot answer that question. I already have more than enough songs, and the most important thing now is finishing the first hand full of songs and releasing them on bandcamp, no matter what.

That new chapter starts today with the revival of this blog, and for the first time in a year I am totally excited about this whole undertaking.

I will now start promoting this blog a little bit,



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